At Carven, Something Old makes something New

PARIS, France — The connection between the flirtatious Carven girl of recent years and the label’s more modest, mid-century heritage may never align again, what with the youthful mould cast by Guillaume Henry and followed through by current design duo Adrien Caillaudaud and Alexis Martial. For Spring/Summer 2017, the pair paid homage to the label’s beginnings nonetheless, imagining their girls scrounging around the archives (prefaced by a tale of an heiress and a castle) to find the retro scarf silks or frothy curtain fabrics that added lightness and bubbly texture to their trademark silhouettes of short skirts and kick-and-flare cargo pants.

GBP/USD unable to rise on good news – falls ahead?

Good news is not good enough for the pound. The final GDP release in the UK surprised with an upgrade: a quarterly growth rate of 0.7% instead of 0.6% originally reported. As this is a quarterly figure, it equals around 3% annualized, far better than the poor 1.4% reported in the US. However, GBP/USD continues trading just under 1.30, unable to really lift its head. The low so far has been 1.2936. Support awaits at 1.2840, followed by the 31 year low of 1.2790. Resistance is at 1.3060, if 1.30 is broken. When a currency fails to rise on good news, it is

“I Will Continue This Lifestyle”

Stock photo Neil visited his doctor for a routine check up, and came back home in shock. His blood sugar was worse than ever, and his doctor consequently wanted to prescribe more medication for his type 2 diabetes. Neil instead decided to take back control of his life and health. After searching on the internet for ways to lower his blood sugar naturally, he found Diet Doctor and decided to drastically change his way of eating to real LCHF food: The E-mail Just over six months ago I came across and it has changed my life! On February 12th,

Gucci’s Cruise 2017 Tailoring Campaign

Gucci’s Cruise 2017 Tailoring Campaign See the full collection of images from Gucci’s Cruise 2017 Tailoring Campaign… Source link

Rosetta spacecraft crash lands into comet, ending 12-year mission

Updated European Space Agency mission has yielded decades worth of data The Associated Press Posted: Sep 29, 2016 1:25 PM ET Last Updated: Sep 30, 2016 7:38 AM ET Scientists said their final farewells to the Rosetta space probe as it crashed into the comet it has been tailing for 12 years early on Friday morning.  The probe was launched in 2004 and took a decade to reach comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, where it released a lander in November 2014. It struck 67P at about 7:20 a.m. ET., marked by a final series of tweets sent as the icy surface drew closer.  #67P